CBD Oil Shopping & Prices Debunked


Feel like pulling your hair out trying to shop for CBD oil? It's 2019, CBD is all the rage, and everyone's running around confused as hell. At one point at the beginning of my CBD journey before deciding to launch Love Always, Liz CBD Oil I was a naive newbie confused as hell, too. 

I recently did an interview with Walter Magazine and one of the questions asked was: Why should people buy Love Always, Liz CBD Oil? Before I toot my own horn, let's break down the basics on how to shop for CBD oil, buy a quality product from a reputable company, and not get bamboozled in the process.



CBD oil is most commonly packaged in a medicine dropper bottle and referred to as a tincture. This is just an easy, fancy way for referring to a concentrated liquid herbal extract.


CBD is a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant and upon extraction mixed with what's called a carrier oil. Carrier oils, vegetable oils derived from the fatty portion of a plant (think seeds, kernels, or nuts), are used to dilute and carry a high concentrated substance to our bodies. Carrier oils mostly exist in skincare products such as lotions, lip balm, and creams. Examples include MCT coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and sunflower oil, among many others.

Love Always, Liz CBD Oil uses MCT coconut oil as our carrier oil for it's positive health benefits and easy digestion.


As if shopping for CBD wasn't confusing enough, there are three different types of CBD: full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate.

Full spectrum CBD, also referred to as "whole plant," contains all cannabinoids and terpenes (unsaturated hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of plants) from the hemp plant, including low concentrations of THC.

Broad spectrum CBD contains the same cannabinoids and terpenes as full spectrum minus the THC. This is a great option for those of you who are required to pass drug tests for work and don't want to risk it.

Isolate CBD has been purified, filtered, and isolated of all other cannabinoids and terpenes so that the only cannabinoid that remains is CBD.

It was previously believed isolate CBD to be more potent than that of full spectrum until a recent 2015 study showed full spectrum to provide higher levels of relief as dosage increases.

Because of this research, Love Always, Liz CBD oils are full spectrum oils.


More times than not, the milligram content advertised on the front of a tincture indicates how much total CBD is within that bottle. This was confusing to me when I first started buying CBD oil because I just assumed the milligrams listed on the label was the size of the bottle and in this particular case, the company I purchased from did not have the fluid ounces clearly advertised on the front of their tincture.

Love Always, Liz offers 600 mg, 900 mg, and 1200 mg tinctures.

Bottle Sizes

When shopping for CBD oil, most people assume that a bigger bottle means more CBD or a smaller bottle means less expensive. THIS IS FALSE!

A 1/2 oz bottle of 600 mg CBD is the same thing as a 1 oz bottle of 600 mg CBD.

The difference? The 600 mg of CBD is more highly concentrated in the smaller, 1/2 oz bottle as opposed to the 600 mg of CBD in the larger, 1 oz bottle. The larger bottle just has more carrier oil in it. 

Do not fall into the trap of spending more on a bigger bottle. You are literally just paying more money for more carrier oil and it's the biggest highway robbery out there.

All three of Love Always, Liz CBD Oil tinctures are 1 oz bottles for consistency and simplicity.


When shopping for CBD oil, just do the math!  Here's an easy breakdown:

          Price of CBD Oil / Total Milligrams in Tincture

Example: Love Always, Liz 600 mg tincture is $49

                $49 / 600 mg = $0.08 per milligram

This is the easiest way to compare apples to apples regardless of bottle size. 

Due to the current lack of CBD regulation in the marketplace and because CBD oil is still relatively new, businesses are charging whatever they want because the consumer doesn't know any better. And here's the real kicker: you may not even be getting what you paid for (keep reading).

Third Party Batch Testing & COAs: 

Say what?

I like to appropriately refer to the CBD marketplace right now as "The Wild, Wild West" because there is no system of checks & balances and literally anyone can sell CBD oil.

Last year, a blind study found that only 26 out of 84 products on the market contained the amount of CBD oil as advertised on their labels and some didn't contain any at all. Holy eff.

When shopping for CBD oil, look to see if the company does what's called third party batch testing and even goes as far to provide their Certificates of Analysis (COAs) to the consumer. Third party batch testing is completed by an independent third party laboratory that confirms the potency of the bottle and THC levels among other things on a COA. 

Chances are if that company is providing a quality CBD oil to you and completes third party batch testing, they'll happily provide you with the results since they have nothing to hide and it costs an arm and a leg to complete. 

So why buy Love Always, Liz CBD Oil?

At Love Always, Liz CBD Oil, we believe in bringing you the highest quality full spectrum oil at an affordable price. Because Love Always, Liz oils are produced in one of the four regulated CBD states, it adheres to strict regulatory manufacturing guidelines on our GMP certified farm for quality assurance and each batch completes third party testing prior to distribution at Avazyme Laboratory.

It is our promise to our customers here at Love Always, Liz CBD Oil that you are not only buying exactly what is labeled on our bottles, but the peace of mind you are treating your mind and body with the highest quality product at an affordable price

Feel free to read more about Our Promise and take a little looksy at our COAs.