A Note from Liz

Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you for visiting Love Always, Liz CBD! I am so honored to spread the love and stoked for you to experience the endless benefits of using cannibidiol. 

As a fitness enthusiast and avid adventurer, I started using CBD products out of genuine curiosity to see if it would have any positive effects on my mind and body.  I began my CBD journey by dosing in small quantities to start off my day and gradually made it part of my bedtime routine for quality rest. 

Here's the truth: I would be lying to you if I told you angels came down from heaven and started singing the moment I took my first dose of CBD. I am blessed to only suffer from very mild physical and mental ailments such as: slow walkers in shopping malls makes my blood pressure skyrocket, going to a social event full of strangers gets me anxious like nobody's business, and I love a good stress cry behind a locked door on a crazy day. If I'm being totally honest with you...I couldn't really tell a difference at first.

Already having spent my money, I decided I might as well stick with it and not let such expensive shit go to waste. However, with time I started noticing when I forgot to take it. A busy day was more overwhelming, the stress crying more frequent, my sore muscles more noticeable, and my sleep more restless. 

If and when you decide to take this amazing leap of cannabis faith, you may notice a difference immediately and you may not, depending on what ailments you're experiencing. My challenge to you is to give it a chance and consistently stick with it. I encourage you to read over our directions and dosage guide to get an idea of where to begin your awesome CBD journey and find the quantity and frequency that works best for you! 

So sit back, take a deep breath, and enjoy a dose of a little self-love.