Meet Liz

In 2016, Liz Sprinkle woke up one morning, decided to kiss her six year corporate finance career goodbye, and bought a one way plane ticket to Hawai'i. Her decision didn't happen overnight, in fact it took quite a bit of time before the mounting anxiety of remaining in a stagnant life that brought her no joy overcame the fear and excuses.

In paradise by the sea, Liz found her happiness again, becoming a divemaster before making her way to South Lake Tahoe, California where she spent the winter season snowboarding.

As a fitness enthusiast and avid adventurer, it was in Hawai'i where Liz began using CBD products and upon consistent use, it completely changed her life. After noticing the CBD marketplace lacked an approachable and aesthetically-pleasing brand, the concept of Love Always, Liz CBD Oil was built on a foundation of education with a feminine touch and launched in January 2019. 

It is through her passion for health, wellness, and self-care she hopes to positively impact lives through raising awareness, reducing the stigma of cannabis, and spreading as much aloha to as many people along the way.